Club Profile: Twisters Gymnastics Club

Twisters is a gymnastics club based in Derry City with a focus on providing excellent participation opportunities for young gymnasts in the area.
Twisters gymnastics club attained its club mark qualification in December 2011. Club coach Paula McNabb gave us her thoughts on how Gymmark has influenced the club:  
"Although the process is a little time consuming, it proved to be worthwhile in various ways. 
The member retention has improved since doing  Gymmark, as we have found that we have been able to utilise our volunteers into helping out in classes, where before one coach would have been in charge of the class.  Gymmark ensures that all members of staff at the gym are on the same wavelength, regarding gymnasts to coach ratio, risk assessment, and codes of conducts, through an induction process.
One area within the Gymmark structure which we found we enhanced at most was our volunteer policy.  Before Gymmark, we did not have any policy in place to recruit volunteers, or how to support and guide them.  We almost felt as tho we were taking advantage by asking them to do certain tasks.  The new policy ensures that we make sure they are inducted like all paid members of staff, and that they know their job descriptions.  We have found that they feel part of the team, and are more than willing to offer their time and expertise.
Gymmark has helped us to keep track of staff coaching qualifications, first aid criterion, and also safeguarding courses.  It also allows us to better keep track of members registration, their insurance, and important information.  Before Gymmark, we would have kept all the members information on file, but Gymmark highlighted how important it was to have all this information more accessible, so now we have it all on the registers, where we can access it immediately.
There have been a lot of areas within Gymmark that we already were following, and it just reassures that we are on the right track.  We may have been on the right track already, but many of the areas within the Gymmark structure just needed to be applied to paper."
For more information on Twisters call 028 71369383