North West Coach Development: Coach Mentoring

Mentors can have an excellent impact on the development of the sports coach. Finding a mentor who can support your learning and growth can help coaches obtain the skills, knowledge and qualities to improve their practice.
Mentoring can be formal or informal and some coaches may have more than one mentor for different areas of their development. Mentoring covers many different types of experiences and relationships and the mentor/ mentee relationship can often last for many years. A quality mentor will be able to help the coach identify and achieve realistic goals.
The North West Coaching Network has currently been working with three national governing body partners to design and implement a coach mentoring programme. Ulster Council GAA, Cricket Ireland and the Irish Football Association have engaged in the programme to support their coaches based in the North West. Each NGB has identified mentors who will work with the coaches to help them develop and achieve tangible outcomes.
So far the coaches have engaged in a Training Needs Analysis/ Personal Development Plan workshop and the mentors have took part in A Guide to Coach Mentoring Sports Coaches training. Each mentor has met with their coach and the expectations and boundaries for the programme have been established.
For further information on coach mentoring check out of coaching resources section.