North West Coaching Forum 2015 Date Released

The 2015 North West Coaching Forum is a series of presentations and seminars designed to address a range of issues related to sports coaching. The Forum is planned to support the education of sports coaches and raise the profile of coaching in the North West region.

The Forum will take place during National Talent Coaching Week and will identify areas specific to the development of talent athletes. 

Coaches and volunteers from all sports are invited to attend an evening of educational sessions focusing on a number of key themes within coaching. Experts from a number of sports will offer practical and knowledgeable learning for participants.

Presentations and seminars will focus on:

●International Perspectives on Talent Identification

●Strength and Conditioning: Speed Development

●Mental Resilience in Sport

●Periodisation Considerations for Coaching

To register online visit:

Admission is free. For further details contact