Launch of the North West Coaching and Club Development Plan

Coaching and club development in the North West will have a new strategic focus over the next 3 years. The launch of the North West Coaching and Club Development Plan (2013-17) coincides with an exciting time for sport in the region. The plan is designed by the North West Coaching Network, which is made up of representatives from Sport Northern Ireland, Coaching Ireland, local authorities, local sports partnerships and national governing bodies of sport.
The vision for the plan is to ensure that there are, ‘quality coaches, quality clubs, better athletes and more participants’ in the North West region. All partners are committed to developing a stronger approach to coaching and club sport; and achieving the objectives outlined in the plan.
Coaching and Club Development Officer for the North West region, Michael Cooke (Sport Northern Ireland) stated, ‘The work which the North West Coaching Network has completed over the past 3 years has been fantastic. This new plan is based on local need and provides more exciting opportunities for coach and club development. The plan is aligned to the relevant Northern Ireland, All-Ireland and UK sports strategies and will make an impact on the ground for our local sports coaches and clubs.’
The plan outlines a number of programmes, initiatives and events which will support the development of coaches and sports clubs over the next 3 years. The collaborative approach exhibited by the NW coaching network has allowed robust partnerships to be formed, effectively creating a wide range of coach development opportunities locally within the region.