Coach Development

Improving and developing as a coach can be challenging. Not knowing where to start, how to improve or identifying what good practice looks like are just just some of the challenges coaches face all the time.


Getting involved in coaching can be an extremely rewarding experience. The support and guidance which a coach can provide to an athlete or participant cannot be under-estimated.


As coaching becomes more of a professionalised vocation, more focus has been placed on raising the standards and quality of coaching sessions. Continually learning and developing as a coach is key to ensuring that the standard of your coaching sessions improve.


There are many ways to learn and develop as a coach. Your national governing body can provide you with a list of qualifications which will allow you to move along your sport's coach development pathway. Other coach education providers offer the opportunity to take workshops or seminars on generic coaching topics. However outside of these formal learning settings, there are many other ways to improve your skills and knowledge. Mentoring, shadowing other coaches and engaging in self reflective practice are some other ways in which coaches can improve and develop.


To find out more about how you can develop, check out our coach education opportunities section.